4 Reasons To Go And See The Book Of Mormon On Broadway


I want to begin by telling you that I am a huge fan of South Park so my opinion for Book of Mormon musical will be biased.

65th Annual Tony Awards - Show

However, if you are a fan of the show too and appreciate the humor of Matt Stone and Trey Park (the creators of these two shows) you will most probably want to keep reading… or stop reading and go see the Book of Mormon on Broadway right now – it’s worth it, I promise!

  1. The Multiple Awards – The show is a musical which received multiple awards world-wide, was very well received both in the UK and US, and unlike other musicals where the producers have media connections which lead to the positive reviews, Parker, Stone and Lopez are first-timers in the industry. Even though the first two have written for TV before (e.g. South Park), none of the three wrote a musical for Broadway before. Despite their “newbiness”, they still received amazing reviews!
  2. Excellent Narrative – I don’t want to give you any spoilers and ruin it for you, but Ill just give you a few pointers about the story behind the Book of Mormon so you can get an idea of how awesomely funny and well thought it is. The narrative follows two young Mormons in their journey in Uganda as they attempt to convert the natives to Christianity. Despite the title, this is not a mocking of Mormonism per se, but a perspective on the ridiculousness of religion. I must warn you however, that if you’re easily offended then this musical is definitely not for you. If you’re religious (even if you’re not a Mormon), I’m sorry but you shouldn’t go. However, if you like witty humor and sarcasm you will find the show very enjoyable!
  3. The Perfectly Fitted Cast РCasting for a musical is not as easy as throwing in some celebrities with good voice. What makes this musical great is how well suited each actor is to the character they play. The leading actors (and singers), Gavin Creel and David O’Reilly have just the right amount of smug and irony without going over the top. Another important role is played by Alexia Khadime, the mezzo-soprano known for her role in the very successful musical rendition of The Lion King.
  4. The Songs (after all it’s a musical right?) – To be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of the sung parts on any show. I like to laugh and be entertained, and in most musicals I find the songs to usually be the most boring or at least the lowest points of the show. Yes, you can admire the talent of the actors, but still it’s usually not the highlight of the evening. However, that is not the case in the Book of Mormon. Do you know all those funny songs from South Park – the ones which go viral and make you laugh not because of the melody or the notes but for the original humor and rhymes? Well, if you enjoy a song which makes you laugh, there are more than a handful in this amazing musical!

If those 4 reasons were not enough to make you book your ticket right now, you should also know that the musical received 5 stars from publications such as The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly, it will most likely be relaunched as a movie in 2015 and it is one of the most offensive, funniest, crude and foul-mouthed shows I’ve seen in the past year, all in a really positive way!

Handheld Or Canister Vacuum For Cleaning Pet Hair On Hardwood?


Hardwood floors are the most modern, elegant and beautiful of all flooring types. It is thus of little wonder to find so many people opting for this type of flooring inside their homes. After all, is there any man who hates being surrounded by a touch of splendor?

However, this type of flooring tends to pick up incessant amounts of dirt and dust, both quickly and with ease. Moreover, if you have pets around the house, the task of cleaning the home becomes seemingly tortuous.

Pet Hair on Hardwood Floor

Pet owners regularly attest to the fact that undertaking frequent cleaning runs for removing pet hair around the house can become a major annoyance. Irrespective of the amount of love you may shower on your pets, you are unlikely to shy away from getting your hands on the best product in the market.

When it comes to a simple cleaning of your hardwood floor, you may feel inclined to turn towards any old vacuum cleaner to serve the purpose. However, when the question of hair removal from hardwood floor comes up, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration in order to determine the best type of cleaner.

Making The Right Choice

As mentioned before, any type of vacuum can take care of your simple cleaning needs. However, if you need to go beyond the realms of an ordinary cleaning, a canister vacuum is what will help extend the usability of your cleaning tools to numerous new locations and functions. Here we take a look at some of the factors that make canister vacuums a preferred choice over handheld and other conventional vacuum cleaners.


While standard handheld vacuums are a great portable choice for cleaning car interiors and carpeted floor surfaces, they often struggle when it comes to dealing with non-carpeted flooring. For dealing with vinyl floors, tiled surfaces and also hardwood flooring, small canister vacuums make for the ideal selection. With far-reaching attachments and wands to work with, canister vacuums help you reach into every crevice and cranny on your hardwood floor just as easily.


While most handheld vacuum cleaners claim to be of a light-weight design, most of them are often too heavy to be carried around for too long, especially when it comes to cleaning elevated surfaces. For cleaning such surfaces as stairs, canister vacuum cleaners are a much preferred alternative. With easy pivot-cleaner heads and a lightweight ergonomic design, they can be easily carried around and maneuvered in and out through the maze of furniture in your home. Moreover, this type of vacuum cleaner often features rubber wheels that prevent you from scratching the surface.

Bagless storage

In a standard bagless canister vacuum, all of the debris gets sicked up into a plastic compartment that can be put to use once again. Rather than opting for a complete replacement of the dirt bag, all you need to do is pop open the lid and remove its contents. Although a strategy that allows you to save money, you also need to consider the risk of the bags accidentally emptying their contents on a freshly cleaned surface. However, these trash cans have a significantly larger capacity as opposed to those on the handheld vacuums which need to be emptied frequently over the course of a cleaning run.


You need not be a rocket scientist to be able to understand the capabilities and diversity of canister vacuums. Take your time, conduct a thorough research and exhaust all your options and you will soon be able to find your ideal pet vacuum. This simple task of performing a small research can go a long way in helping you avoid buyer’s remorse while also preventing you from making other costly errors.